L1 2-Sided Series  |  Zero-Clearance Fireplace

Model: 1600JN/JP

A seamless transition between architectural spaces, the L1 2-Sided boasts the same widescreen proportions as the highly successful L1 Series. Connect living spaces with Valor warmth, design and reliable home comfort. Combining linear design with Valor heat performance, the L1 see-thru provides efficient zone heating for two separate spaces.

The 2-Sided is also ready to take the new HeatShift™ System, we recommend this option especially for installations where cooler walls immediately above the fireplace are desirable.

HeatShift System Outdoor Compatible Standard Safety Screen ValorStat Plus Remote


Model Max Input Min Input Max Output Energuide
1600JN 30,000 18,000 22,116 69.00%
1600JP 26,000 18,500 19,198 69.00%

Gas Type Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG)
Viewing Area 36 ⅜" w x 13" h = 473"²
Framing & Venting Please refer to the Owner's Manual for more information.
Remote Control ValorStat Plus Remote (GV60)
Wall Control Remote Battery & Wall Switch Kit (RBWSK)


Reduce wall temperatures and improve overall performance with HeatShift™. Ideal when adding a wall mounted TV or heat sensitive materials directly above the fireplace. Learn more

Installation Examples

L1 2-Sided Series

Driftwood & Fluted Black Liner

L1 2-Sided Series

Driftwood & Fluted Black Liner

L1 2-Sided Series

Driftwood & Fluted Black Liner



1600JN/JP L1 2-Sided Linear Engine (requires fuel bed & liner below)

Fuel Beds

1500SWK | Splitwood Logs

Watch Now

1505DWK | Long Beach Driftwood

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1514RSS | Rock & Shale

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1500DGM | Murano Glass

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1500DGS | Decorative Glass

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1515FBL | Fluted Black

1525RGL | Reflective Glass

Trims (requires 2 trims to complete installation)

1550LSBv2 3 ½" Trim - Black
1750LSPv2 3 ½" Trim - Brushed Nickel
1750LSZv2 3 ½" Trim - Bronze
1575LFB 1" Adjustable Finishing Trim - Black

Optional Accessories

658DVK2 Direct Vent Sidewall Terminal & Wall Thimble
1270RBK Remote Blower Kit
1506DRK Decorative Rock Kit
GV60BRK 1-Hour Shut Down Handset
GV60CKO Outdoor Conversion Kit
GV60NTK Non-Thermostat Handset
GV60PAK Power Adapter Kit

For a complete listing of L1 2-Sided components please visit the Owner's Manual section.

HeatShift™ (Recommended)

Choose between two plenum sizes (comes with finishing frame) or two 14" grilles to complete your HeatShift installation - reducing wall temperatures and improving overall performance.

For complete details on the Valor HeatShift™ System please click here.

CAD Files

For information on Valor CAD files, please click here or visit our CADdetails.com profile.

Fireplace Safety

Included with your purchase, a Valor Barrier Screen is recommended at all times. Close adult supervision is required if there are young children, or at-risk individuals in the house. Learn more.

Product Features

Remote Control
ValorStat Plus Remote Control
Outdoor Compatible
Outdoor Compatible
Remote Control
Remote Battery & Wall Switch

No Power No Problem
No Electricity or Fan
Safety Screen
Standard Safety Screen
Burn Clean - Engineered Green
Modulating Flame
Modulating Flame

Direct Vent
Direct Vent Installation
Fuel Media
Realistic Fuel Media
Extended Warranty
Extended Warranty

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