HeatShift System®

Reduces wall temperatures above your fireplace

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The Right Heat, In The Right Place

Designed to reduce surface temperatures, the HeatShift System® is recommended when adding a wall mounted TV, artwork or heat sensitive materials above your fireplace.

Reduce Temperatures

Reduces wall temperatures above fireplace - ideal if placing heat sensitive materials.

Combustible Finishes

Run combustible finishing materials right up to the fireplace surround.


Excess warm air is circulated back into the room at a higher elevation.

Redirected Warmth

Up to 60% of fireplace heat rises and flows through HeatShift and back into the room.


Fireplace heat is elevated naturally using gravity and Valor product ingenuity.

No Power, No Problem

Valor fireplaces have no reliance on electricity or a noisy fan operation.

Zone Heat

Manage your heat effectively by distributing warmth to other spaces in your home with the 1270RBK.

Installation Options

There are several unique ways to incorporate the HeatShift plenums, duct and valance systems.

Distribute Heat Effectively

Raising the heat outlet improves conventional airflow - reducing wall temperatures and improving overall performance. Excess warm air is then circulated back into the room at a higher elevation.

Compatible Products

Valor LX2 3-Sided Series

LX2 Multi-Sided Series  |  2200JN/JP

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Valor L3 Linear Series

L3 Linear Series  |  1800JN/JP

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Valor L2 Linear Series

L2 Linear Series  |  1700JN/JP

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Valor L1 See-Thru Series

L1 See-Thru Series  |  1600JN/JP

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Valor L1 Linear Series

L1 Linear Series  |  1500JN/JP

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Valor H6 Series

H6 Series  |  1400JN/JP

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Valor H5 Series

H5 Series  |  1100J/1150JL

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Please note that the HeatShift System® is not compatible with models: 530, 534, 650, 700, 738/739, 780/785, MF28 or RF24.


48" Front Wall/Valance Application (option 1)

LDK1 48" Plenum Kit
LDK2 48" Finishing Frame (for use with LDK1)
LDK7 Duct Termination Plates

2" x 14" Sidewall Application (option 2)

LDK3 Two 14" Plenums, includes grilles

38" Front Wall/Valance Application (option 3)

LDK4 38" Plenum Kit
LDK5 38" Finishing Frame (for use with LDK4)
LDK7 Duct Termination Plates

Aluminum Flex Venting

LDK6 5" Aluminum 2-ply Flex Kit (2 x 10' in length)

HeatShift is also compatible with the 1270RBK - designed to distribute warmth to other spaces.

Wall or Vertical Outlet
Side Outlet



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