Getting To Know Your
Valor Radiant Gas Fireplace

Discover common tips on fireplace operations, safety, maintenance, servicing and more.

How do I turn my Valor fireplace ON and OFF?

Turning the Fireplace ON

There are 2 easy ways to get started with your Valor fireplace - use either the standard handheld remote control or the optional Valor wall switch (standard on select units). When using your remote control, hold down the OFF and large flame button simultaneously. You will hear a beep, which starts the activation sequence - release the buttons at this point.

Once the pilot light ignites, the flames will turn to full fire and remain in "Manual Mode".

Using your Wall Switch

Press the ON/OFF button to ignite your pilot and turn the flame to high fire.

Turning the Fireplace OFF

Easily shut down your fireplace by pressing the OFF button on the remote or the ON/OFF button on the Valor wall switch.

How do I adjust flame heights in my fireplace?

Adjusting Flame Heights to Low & High

Using your Valor remote press the large flame button to turn your fireplace to high. To set your fire to low, press the small flame button to reach the desired flame height.

If you are using the Valor wall switch, simply use the UP & DOWN buttons to adjust your flame height until you find the perfect balance.

Turning Down to Pilot - Standby Mode

Using the remote, hold the small flame button until the flame goes out.

Using the Valor wall switch press the DOWN button. Your pilot light will remain on and allow you to easily start up your fireplace at a later date.

What is the 6 Hour Turndown feature?

Six Hour Turndown

The ValorStat Remote Control System automatically adjusts the fireplace flame to pilot light if there is no change in heat output, or no interaction with the remote control, for more than 6 hours. Note that this feature only pertains to the ValorStat Plus and Max systems.

How does this benefit me?

Constantly running your fireplace on high will result in wasted energy and higher operating costs. By letting your fireplace turn down after 6 hours of inactivity, you can save money in the long run. Utilize the temperature and timer modes described in the sections below to further maximize your heating experience.

What is the 5 Day Pilot Shutdown feature?

5 Day Pilot Shutdown

The Valor SmartPilot System automatically shuts down if there is no activity after 5 days, reducing unnecessary pilot gas consumption and saving energy. A great efficiency and safety feature, the 5 day shutdown has several important benefits.

How does this benefit me?

The 5 day pilot shutdown is ideal if you happen to be away from home for an extended period of time and heating isn't necessary or during the warmer Spring and Summer months - potentially saving you up to 5 months of unnecessary pilot consumption per year. When you are ready to feel the radiant warmth of a Valor, simply turn the fireplace back on with your wall switch or handheld remote.

What other features are available with my remote?

Setting the Temperature

To set the temperature of your fireplace, similar to central heating in your home, press the SET button until you see the TEMP (SUN) mode. Now, dold down the SET button until the TEMP flashes - use the large and small flame buttons to select your desired temperature. Press the OFF button (or wait 10 seconds) to complete programming. For more information please refer you owner's manual.

Timer Mode

This mode allows you to pre-program up to 2 heating cycles per day. Press the SET button until the TIMER mode is displayed in the lower right hand corner. Next, press and hold the SET button until the time flashes. To set your desired start time use the high and low flame buttons. Briefly press the SET button to move to your next setting, and program when you want the cycle to end. For further programming details please refer you owner's manual.

Remote/Handset Location and Set Temperatures

Remote Control Handset Location

Having trouble maintaining a set temperature within the home? It could be the location of your remote control handset. The handset is the temperature sensing device, like a thermostat, meaning temperature regulation of the fireplace can be effected by the location of the handset.

For example, If the handset is mounted on an outside wall, the cold will cause the handset to increase the fireplace temperature. If the handset is exposed to sun at certain times of day through a window, the handset will give a false reading as well.

Finding the "Comfort Zone"

Ideally your remote control handset should be in the vicinity of your fireplace or living space, and away from the areas mentioned above that could effect the temperature settings. The wall holder can house your remote near the fireplace providing optimal control.

How do I replace the batteries?

BEFORE changing the batteries, turn the fireplace off (including the pilot light) and let it cool. Please refer to the "Replacing Batteries" section of your owner's manual for more information.

Replace the Battery in your Remote Control:

The remote control handset uses a 9 V alkaline battery. The battery should last one to two seasons, depending on usage. Remove the battery in the off-season to extend the battery life.

Replace the Batteries in your Wall Switch (RBWSK):

The battery compartment is located next to the wall switch in the vicinity of the fireplace. The front plate is attached with magnets to the wall switch box.

  1. Pull on the plate next to the wall switch to access the batteries
  2. Disconnect the snap connector from the battery holder. Do not pull the connector by the wire!
  3. Replace the batteries with 4 AA alkaline batteries (Duracell or Energizer) orienting them as indicated inside the holder.
  4. Reconnect the snap connector to the battery holder
  5. Put the battery holder back in its place beside the wall switch and snap it in place.

Replace the Batteries in your Remote Control Receiver:

  1. Locate the receiver in your fireplace by referring to the Owner's Manual. Grab the receiver and pull it out from its location.
  2. Slide and remove the receiver cover or disconnect the battery box depending on your application.
  3. Replace the batteries with 4 AA alkaline (Duracell or Energizer) batteries.
  4. Replace the cover and return/reconnect to where the receiver was placed initially.
  5. Reinstall any remaining parts removed.

Why is my fireplace manual important?

What Can I Learn From my Manual?

While instruction manuals might be something you usually throw in the nearest drawer, your Valor fireplace manual contains important safety, servicing, and further reference material.

Why is fireplace safety important?

Fireplace surfaces, in particular the glass viewing window, are extremely hot during operation and will remain hot for a period of time after the fireplace is turned off.

Barrier Screens - Included with Every Purchase

Included with your purchase, a Valor Barrier Screen is recommended at all times. Install an approved aftermarket safety barrier gate to keep toddlers, young children and at-risk individuals a safe distance from the fireplace.

Important Tips to Remember

How do I clean and maintain my Valor fireplace?

Cleaning & Removing the Glass

Please ensure your fireplace has completely cooled down before cleaning or removing the glass.

Clean the glass regularly or as soon as you notice any white film buildup. Never use an abrasive cleaner, windex or ammonia based cleaners on the ceramic glass. We suggest cleaners such as Turtle Wax or Brasso which your dealer should have available at their store. Use a soft damp cloth to apply the cleaner. Dry the glass with a soft, dry, preferably cotton cloth.

Our barrier screens are easy to clean - simply use a soft brush to get rid of dust and grime. Always securely replace the window and barrier screen before re-lighting your fireplace. Refer to your owner's manual for details.

Cleaning Parts & Components

For detailed instructions on cleaning other areas of your Valor fireplace - including cast iron finishes, painted surrounds, steel trims and ceramic fireboxes - please see the Fireplace Maintenance section of our website.

How and when do I service my Valor fireplace?

Valor fireplaces are sold through our authorized dealer network across Canada and the United States. Valor dealers provides qualified installations and aftermarket service. Locate the dealer in your area.

When do I get my fireplace serviced?

We recommend getting an authorized Valor dealer to service your fireplace annually to lengthen the product lifetime and improving its overall performance. Annual servicing can include battery replacements, gas connection checks, fireplace cleaning, vent inspections and more.

What do I need before contacting my Valor Dealer?

It's helpful to have the fireplace model and serial number ready before you contact your dealer to provide faster support. Both of these can be located on the product rating card.

The rating card can be found beside or underneath your fireplace - refer to your owner's manual for the exact location. The card will be attached with a cable.



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