Legend G3 Classic  |  Insert Fireplace

Model: 739-72ILN/ILP

A simplified design that includes the Valor essentials (glowing flames, ceramic logs, radiant warmth and remote comfort control) the G3 Classic is prepackaged with a clean design front for finishing.

An industry leader in flame output and advanced controls, the Legend G3 Classic maximizes product pricing, energy efficiency and home comfort. With value in mind the Legend G3 Classic direct vent insert is priced to compete.

Standard Safety Screen ValorStat Remote Insert Approved


Model Max Input Min Input Max Output Energuide
739-72ILN 26,000 6,500 TBA 65.41%
739-72ILP 24,000 13,000 TBA 62.38%

Gas Type Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG)
Viewing Area 26 ⅛" w x 12 ⅛" h = 317"²
Min. Cavity Dimensions 28" w x 20" h x 12" d
Remote Control ValorStat Remote (GV34)

Installation Examples

Legend G3 Classic Series

Legend G3 Classic

Legend G3 Classic Series

Legend G3 Classic

Legend G3 Classic Series

Legend G3 Classic



739-72ILN/ILP Direct Vent Insert Engine with Logs


715CVI Cast Iron Surround - Vintage Iron
746CTK 3-Sided Contour Trim Kit - Black
746VIK 3-Sided Contour Trim Kit - Vintage Iron
747DTK 3-Sided Deluxe Trim Kit - Black
747VIK 3-Sided Deluxe Trim Kit - Vintage Iron
748CTK 4-Sided Contour Trim Kit - Black
749DTK 4-Sided Deluxe Trim Kit - Black
749VIK 4-Sided Deluxe Trim Kit - Vintage Iron
753OTK 3-Sided Oversize Trim Kit - Black
753OTV 3-Sided Oversize Trim Kit - Vintage Iron
756STB 3-Sided Square Trim Kit - Black
756STP 3-Sided Square Trim Kit - Brushed Nickel
756STV 3-Sided Square Trim Kit - Vintage Iron
757STB 4-Sided Square Trim Kit - Black
757STV 4-Sided Square Trim Kit - Vintage Iron
763BPB Backing Plate - Black
767STB 3-Sided Square Trim Kit - Black

Optional Accessories

559CLT Co-Linear Terminal
559SFK Square Flashing Kit (for use with 559CLT)
720SWK Co-Linear Side Wall Kit
750OCP Oversize Closure Plate - Black
750OVI Oversize Closure Plate - Black
751LTK Lift Trim Kit - Black (must be used with 752BTK/BVK)
751LVK Lift Trim Kit - Vintage Iron (must be used with 752BTK/BVK)
752BTK Base Trim Kit - Black
752BVK Base Trim Kit - Vintage Iron
762TRB Temperature Reduction Baffle

CAD Files

For information on Valor CAD files, please click here or visit our CADdetails.com profile.

Fireplace Safety

Included with your purchase, a Valor Barrier Screen is recommended at all times. Close adult supervision is required if there are young children, or at-risk individuals in the house. Learn more.



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