SmartFire by Valor

Our strategy for improving home comfort while controlling home heating costs

The Wise Way to Warmth

Since introducing the industry's first heat efficient gas fireplaces over 25 years ago, we have continually advanced our designs to stay in the vanguard of developing technologies. With rising energy costs, it only makes sense to use these precious resources wisely.

Radiant Heat

Like heat from the sun, our fireplaces distribute radiant warmth directly to your living space. Radiant heat satisfies human comfort needs, using up to 25% less energy compared to traditional forced air systems.

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Pacific Northwest Design

Valor fireplace are designed, manufactured and distributed from our Pacific Northwest headquarters. With a proven product history, Valor continues to introduce unique fireplaces that stand the test of time.

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Product Versatility

Valor products are extremely diverse in their application. New construction or home renovation, gas inserts and freestanding stoves provide a wide range of preference when selecting the ideal fireplace.

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Valor fireplaces provide you and your loved ones with a safe, warm living space for many years to come. Lower overall home heating costs and reduce energy consumption with a Valor, saving you money.

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High Quality Materials

Our product finishes include only the finest materials. Quality castings, artisan patina, brushed nickel and powder coated paints highlight contemporary and traditional designs.

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No Power, No Problem

Our fireplaces are fully functional heaters that do not require electricity. A Valor provide the perfect mixture of radiant and convective heat, reducing the need for a noisy, inefficient fan.

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Green Initiative

Valor fireplaces are known for turndowns that provide comfort control and magnificent flame appeal, even on low-fire, highlighting glowing embers and radiant warmth within.

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Home Comfort

The large adjustment range lets you maintain a constant comfort level as the room warms or as the outside temperature falls making Valor truly a fireplace for all seasons.

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Zone Heating

Provide warmth to the spaces you frequent the most. Decreasing your furnace output reduces inefficiently pumping heat into empty rooms and unoccupied spaces.

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About Valor

Warming homes since 1890, Valor continues to set new standards in gas fireplace efficiency, comfort control and fashionable design. Our mission is to be a leader in the design and production of innovative, energy-efficient home comfort products.