Automatically adjusts your fireplace for optimal performance

Improved Efficiencies for Inserts

AutoFire dynamically tunes your fireplace for peak performance and improved efficiencies. Higher outputs and less fuel consumption will save you on home energy costs.

Looking to update your existing gas or wood burning fireplace?

Located on top of the firebox, the AutoFire's intuitive design automatically adjusts air flow within the fireplace, maximizing heating potential to suit your environment.

AutoFire does not require power to operate, relying instead on simple mechanics. The sliding flue collar makes the system easier to access and service for our dealer network.

Update and upgrade your home living space with a Valor insert gas fireplace equipped with the Autofire system.

The Benefits of AutoFire™

Valor Legend insert products are now equipped with the AutoFire system and supply the following benefits to you as a homeowner:

  • Dynamically tunes the fireplace for peak performance
  • Improved P4 - engines are above 70% for both natural gas and propane
  • Improves cold weather start ups
  • Improves operating efficiency, saving energy
  • Fixed restrictors can't match the AutoFire for performance
  • Located in the flue collar for ease of access

Please note that the 738JN/JP is not compatible with AutoFire.

Compatible Products

Valor Legend G4 Insert

Legend G4 Insert  |  780/785

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Valor Legend G3.5 Insert

Legend G3.5 Insert  |  700J/X

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Valor Legend G3 Insert

Legend G3 Insert  |  739MN/MP

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Valor Retrofire Series

Retrofire Insert  |  RF24JDN/P

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AutoFire™ is patent pending.



About Valor

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