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The Horizon Series has proven itself as a tried and true heater, warming thousands of homes across North America for almost two decades. The H5 continues the Horizon tradition with a diverse fireplace, blending distinct, quality materials with the latest in radiant and convective heat technology.

Flexible venting options and slim engine depth position the H5 as a versatile fireplace upgrade, ideal for existing home renovations and new construction. The H5 combines compact design with a generous viewing area, highlighting a collection of ambient fires and glowing embers within.

A vibrant addition to the Horizon Series family, the H5 is sure to bring countless hours of steady, reliable warmth for future years to come.

Locate a Valor Dealer to see an H5 Series in person.

H5 SERIES (1100I/1150IL)



Zero Clearance | Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG)


Glass Window - 29.875" width x 19.25" height = 575.09"²


1100 NG/LPG | High - 28,000 | Low - 13,000 | Max - 20,720

1150 NG/LPG | High - 30,000 | Low - 16,000 | Max - 22,857


Programmable Valor Comfort Control Remote

Visit the Valor Remote Overview page

Heats without Electricity

Operates even during a power outage

Standard Safety Barrier Screen

High quality ceramic glass window

Direct Vent Installation

Installs practically anywhere you want

Realistic Logs, Glass & Liners

Authentic contemporary & traditional designs

Insert Approved

Install as an Insert fireplace

Heats without the Need for a Fan

A quieter fireplace experience

Modulating Flame

Fire turns down for steady even heat

Burn Clean, Engineered Green

Cost effective, heating solutions for your home


Extended Warranty Coverage



1100IN Direct Vent H5 Series Contemporary Burner - NG (Requires Fuel Bed below)
1100IP Direct Vent H5 Series Contemporary Burner - LPG (Requires Fuel Bed below)
1150ILN Direct Vent H5 Series Traditional Burner with Log Set - NG
1150ILP Direct Vent H5 Series Traditional Burner with Log Set - LPG

FUEL BEDS (1100IN/IP only)

1101DWK Pebble Beach Fire - Driftwood, Pebbles & River Rock
1103DGM Murano Glass Set
1104DGS Decorative Glass Set


1105RGL Reflective Glass Panel (for use with 1125FBL Fluted Black Liner)
1110VRL Valor Red Brick Liner
1115LSL Ledgestone Liner
1125FBL Fluted Black Liner
1160PBL Plain Black Liner
1170RGL Reflective Glass Liner


1130FFK 1” Fixed Framing Kit in Black (26-5/8"h x 35-3/4"w)
1135TSB 3-1/4” 3-Sided Trim Kit in Black (30-3/8"h x 40-1/4"w)
1135TSBEN Edgemont "Lift Off" Single Door - Plated Brushed Nickel with Black Backing Plate
1135TSBEZ Edgemont "Lift Off" Single Door - Bronze with Black Backing Plate
1140FSB 4” 4-Sided Trim Kit in Black (32-1/2"h x 41-1/2"w)
1140FSN 4” 4-Sided Trim Kit in Brushed Nickel (32-1/2"h x 41-1/2"w)
1140FSPN 4” 4-Sided Trim Kit in Painted Nickel (32-1/2"h x 41-1/2"w)
1140FSZ 4” 4-Sided Trim Kit in Bronze (32-1/2"h x 41-1/2"w)
1149EDV Edgemont Double Doors - Vintage Iron with Black Backing Plate
1149EDZ Edgemont Double Doors - Bronze with Black Backing Plate


658DVK2 Direct Vent Horizontal Termination & Wall Thimble
1156CLA Colinear Adaptor Kit
1195CFK Circulating Fan Kit
1265WSK Wall Switch Kit
1270RBK Remote Blower Kit
1506DRK Decorative Rock Kit
GV60PAK Power Adaptor Kit
RBWSK Remote Battery & Wall Switch Kit


Valor Fireplace Safety Information

Fireplace surfaces, in particular the glass viewing window, are extremely hot during operation and will remain hot for a period of time after the fireplace is turned off. Contact with the hot glass can cause severe burns. Close adult supervision is required if there are young children, or at-risk individuals in the house.

Included with your purchase, a Valor Barrier Screen is recommended at all times. Install an approved aftermarket safety gate to keep toddlers, young children and at-risk individuals a safe distance from the fireplace.

For more important fireplace safety information, please visit our Fireplace Safety page.